Firefly Deserves to be back on the air

Posted: June 22, 2011 in Entertainment
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Needs to be back on the air

Was flippin’ around the old boob tube yesterday and stumbled on to one of my most guilty pleasures on the Science channel. Firefly has risen and is back on the air…if only in syndication of the old 2002 episodes.

I was at first very excited to see Mal Reynolds and his band of crazy misfits back in the black. The ‘verse was certainly unkind to this brilliant Joss Whedon show. Fox had no idea what it had and completely torpedoed any chance the show had at creating a network television audience.

Yet it did create a following, a loyal group of fans calling themselves “The Browncoats” after Mal’s former military group and their passion for the show got them the brilliant sci-fi masterpiece – Serenity. Unfortunately, Serenity didn’t pull in the numbers at the box office everyone had hoped for and it went dormant – it looked like the trip through the ‘verse was over for the crew….except the fans kept buying the DVDs, BluRays and introduced new people to the show.

It’s been voted as the greatest sci-fi show ever….yes, even over Star Trek and Battlestar Galactica.

Even nine years after the show has left the air, an offhand comment by Nathan Fillon, who played Captain Reynolds, spawned a several websites and a pledge drive to get him the money to buy the rights to the show.

The alumni of Firefly have kept active. Summer Glau, who played the nutty but deadly River, starred in Terminator:The Sara Connor Chronicles, another Whedon failed series DollHouse, and was most recently seen in the new superhero show, the Cape.

The adorable yet sexy as hell Jewel Staite (Kaylee), had a reoccurring role in another favorite of mine, Stargate: Atlantis and cameoed in Warehouse 13. Adam Baldwin, who played the perfectly dense but hysterically funny Jayne, is a regular in yet another show I love, Chuck.

The beautiful Morena Baccarin (Inara) has made a living as a bad girl, playing the antagonist during a storyline in Stargate:SG1 and the evil Anna on the recreation of V.

As for Captain Mal? Nathan Fillon is starring in Castle, a serial killer series.

Yet I completely believe they’d drop everything to return to Firefly in a heartbeat.

I have the DVDs of the series and Blu-Ray of Serenity. Yet, there I was glued to the Science channel.

It deserved a longer life – just like Star Trek – the original series did.

If Fox can pull their heads out of their rectums, maybe one day it will happen.

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