Happy Independence Day to all my fellow Americans! While I know there are divides on politics, we’re fighting two and a half wars overseas and a struggling economy at home I can easily say there’s no country in the world that I’d rather live in than right here in the good ole U.S. of A.

Freedom is something that’s taken for granted in our country. When Socialism, Communism, and all the other ‘isms seem to try to tear us down, we still are free.

It’s funny, today I was talking to my mother-in-law, who is a U.S. citizen that was born in Cuba, and she was telling me a story about her late brother.

When she was young girl and Castro was taking power, she had no idea what the meaning of the word Communism.

She asked her brother, who himself was only 17, “What does this word, Communism, mean?”

“Hunger.” Her brother replied.

“What do you mean ‘hunger’?”

“I mean physical hunger,” he continued, “Not just for food. But for Freedom. For the right to be whatever it is you want to be. Hunger for the right to speak your mind and decide your own path for yourself and your family. Hunger to be part of the political process, to decide who represents you. Hunger for life. ”

A 17-year old Cuban boy described freedom better than most of us Americans can do today. Unfortunately, he would never live to see that type of freedom as he tragically died a short time later in a motorcycle accident.

Do you cherish your freedom, your right to not be hungry? Maybe you are struggling, down on your luck, out of work or alone in the world. There’s something that you have that many around the world would die for and that’s for the right to pursue life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

That’s special, unique among countries around the world. It’s what the Arab spring is about. It’s what small countries around the world try to emulate. It’s difficult, it can be chaos, as it was in the early days of our country’s founding. Democracy can be maddening at times.

Sometimes I think our political process is for the birds. The Republicans are crooks working for the rich and the Democrats are socialists trying to put government into every aspect of our lives – but the truth is we need both, as seemingly ineffective and idiotic as it may be – to counterbalance one another.

For every Glenn Beck or Rush Limbaugh there must be a Bill Maher or Keith Obermann.

Can things be better? Certainly. But they can also be a hell of a lot worse. Think about that when you’re setting off your fireworks and burning your hot dogs tonight.

And with that, I’m going take advantage of my contitutional right to tell you about my new endeavor into independent fiction. I call it 99 centers.  It had to be 99 centers because Amazon won’t let me charge less than 99 cents for a work…or it would have been 50 centers.

When you see this logo –  

You are reading a 99 Center story.

So what are they? Well, they’re stories for the Twitter and Kindle generation. They can range from as short as 1,200 words to 50,000 and they will always lead into the next one of the series.

This month, I will launch two series that my fans demanded I expand upon. Rather than make them wait one or two years for the next chapter in the saga, I elected to create this new medium.

Every 30-to-60 days, you will get your new serialized 99 center story. Through the series, you’ll learn about these characters, the events in their lives and most importantly – what happens next.

Best of all, as long as you keep reading, the story will keep going. I’m writing this specifically for you, my most dedicated followers. As much as I love these characters I love you even more. In our time, we don’t like waiting…we want our information in short, concise bites that gets to the point of the matter.

That’s what you’ll get in these stories friends.

My time travel thriller, Continuum Force, will take you back in time to worlds you couldn’t possibly imagine.

My vampire saga, Serial, will curl your toes, have you looking over your shoulder and turning on the light.

There’s a third series that will be coming at the end of this month…and it’s what I’m most proud of.

I’m writing a new Y/A Science Fiction and Fantasy series called Darien Connors – the first of which will be Darien Connors and the Necromancy of Eridu.  This story will be written under my pen name, Jason Dawson, as so the younger readers don’t sample my more adult fiction.

What is Darien Connors? Well, the best way I can describe it is the old movie relational venacular – the Last Starfighter meets Harry Potter.

So there it is, folks, my big announcement on independent publishing on independence day.

If you’re interested in these stories, drop me a line via the contact page on my various websites or subscribe to this blog.  This will be the first place I’ll announce anything of consequence.

God bless America and I hope you enjoy the rest of your Independence day.

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