Continuum Force – The New Guy is Live on Amazon, too!

Posted: July 8, 2011 in Book Stuff
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Big day today as both 99 Centers books made their debut on Amazon today. First, Serial – The Beginning went live in the Kindle Store, joining that release the first installment of the Continuum Force time travel sci-fi series – Continuum Force – The New Guy.

You can expect the book to appear on IBookStore (IPad & IPhone), Sony, Nook, and all other reading devices within the next couple of weeks.

Book #2 will arrive some time next month so now is the perfect time to get started! As always, you can get updated on the latest info of the series at the official website –

Here’s the breakdown:

Title: Continuum Force – The New Guy

Author: JC De La Torre

Description: A decorated Air Force Lieutenant Colonel takes command of a top secret elite force that embark on time travel expeditions into the past. On a mission to chronicle the fall of Rome, they encounter an alien force bent on changing important events in the evolution of human history.

Copyright Year: 2011 © DLT Atlantis Publishing

Number of words: 10,200

Price: Always 99¢

Where to Buy: Buy at Amazon Continuum Force – The New Guy

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