For those of you who have eagerly been awaiting the release of Serial – the Beginning, the first book of the Serial Vampire Series – your wait is over (at least if you have Amazon).  The book has gone live in the Amazon Kindle store.

You can expect the book to appear on IBookStore (IPad & IPhone), Sony, Nook, and all other reading devices within the next couple of weeks.

Also, if you use twitter – some of your favorite vampires have just joined.

Find Allister @AllistertheVamp, Arianna @AriannaGrayson, and Jack @JacktheRipperWC. Of course…that’s if you want vicious bloodthirsty vampires to be aware of you…I don’t know if I would.

Book 2 can be expected next month. As always, for the latest info, visit

Here’s the breakdown:

Title: Serial – The Beginning

Author: JC De La Torre

Description: As a vampire stalks his next prey, he provides gory details of his transformation of Good Samaritan on the hunt for the infamous Jack the Ripper to the monstrosity he is now. Through death and carnage, he has been brought closer to you and now has a question. Do you choose eternal life as a monster or a horrific painful death?

Copyright Year: 2011 © DLT Atlantis Publishing

Number of words: 5,809

Price: Always 99¢

Where to Buy: Buy From Amazon Serial – The Beginning (Serial Vampire Saga)

A note for my fans, if you’ve read Nightmares From Eberus, you’ve already read this story….but don’t you want to read it again?

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