Delays with Next Installments for 99 Centers Books

Posted: September 16, 2011 in Book Stuff

I want to apologize to my fans – the defenders of the realm.

With my new commitments to SB Nation Tampa Bay I’ve had significantly less time to continue on my next installments for Serial – the Vampire Series, Continuum Force and Darien Connors.

I’ve already missed by projected date for the next Serial installment and I anticipate I won’t be able to hit the dates for CF and Darien, either.

In the future, I will no longer provide hard dates for when the work will be provided.

I know this isn’t what you signed up for and I would definitely understand if you decide to find something else to do with your time and money.

I never anticipated the rapid rise of my sportswriting career and the ability for exposure on SB Nation Tampa Bay.

I’m proud of my work on the site and I’m excited about some future projects within the framework of Tampa Bay sports.

As the football schedule gets hectic, my holiday to Washington, D.C. in November, and hockey and college basketball season gets going, I just don’t see when I’ll have time in the next few months to dedicate to writing fiction.

I want you to have the best quality of work available and rather than “half-ass” something  just to meet deadlines, I’m going to pump the brakes here and just let you know not to expect any new installments until the first of the year.

I’ve gotten pretty far in Serial – The Taking of Arianna Grayson but I make want to re-write some parts so it flows better and the story is clearer. It’s still got a ways to go as it’s significantly longer than the first one. I have not started on Continuum Force – the Macedonian King or Darien Connors and the Planet of Sorrows as of yet.

I’d like to get some/all of these installments out before Christmas (if I can finish Serial before Halloween that would be excellent) but don’t be surprised if it’s the first of the year before they’re done.

I think the way this will work going forward is through football’s off-season February-August, you can expect a lot of productivity in these series. In August, we will go into “hibernation” until January, with some completed installments closest to August held back for Halloween, Christmas etc.

While it definitely won’t be the every 60 days pledge I made to you previously, it will still enable me to do the work I need to do for SBNation Tampa Bay while filling your late winter, spring and summer with some brand new fiction content.

You will still be receiving your Serial, CF and Darien fixes much more frequently than the typical novel.

I hope you understand the challenge this has been. I’m as disappointed as you are – I also want to see what happens next in these thrilling sagas.

We’ll find out soon enough, just not as soon as you think.

If you’d like to complain or have comments, feel free to use this word press comments section or you can send me an email directly.


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